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International Affiliates

Network building is the cornerstone of any successful business venture looking to the future. In Asia that is doubly true. Here the cultural interaction and intricate social networks of that exist, especially between business associates, largely determines success or failure.

Reanda Hong Kong is based in Hong Kong, and expanded to Macao and Zhuhai Pearl River Delta. Where together with our Macao affiliated partners, we operate three sizeable business offices providing comprehensive business services. From these twin regional hubs Reanda Hong Kong has established a comprehensive and steadily growing cooperation throughout the Asia Pacific Region. From there and through our affiliation with Reanda International, we extend professional support to our multi-national clients across the Pearl River delta, into continental China and other countries globally

Reanda Hong Kong implements effective regional strategies. Our professional team of specialists in conjunction with our affiliated offices, link our clients with the mighty financial resources of the Asia Pacific Region. Whether it is simply meeting audit and tax requirements, raising finance in capital markets, advising on tax implications of your international business operation in the Asia Pacific region, or listing your company on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Reanda Hong Kong has the resources and expertise to anticipate and fulfill your needs.

Our international reach and expertise as a member of Reanda International of high quality accounting and consulting firms is unrivalled and constantly expanding. Please see www.reanda-international.com/regional/en/offices.php  for a most up-to-dated listing of locations of our network firms.

Our fellow network firms from Reanda International include (as at 11 June 2020)

Australia                  Reanda Australia Pty Ltd

Belarus                     SMAR Outsourcing Solutions

Cambodia               Reanda LLKG (Cambodia) Co., Ltd

China                        Reanda Certified Public Accountants LLP

Branches in the following cities:
Anhui, Beijing, Dalian, Fujian, Gansu, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Jilin, Liaoning, Qingdao, Qinghai, Shandong, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Suzhou, Tianjin, Xiangtan, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Jiangnan, Zhuhai

Cyprus                     Reanda Cyprus Limited

Egypt                        Safwat Nour El Din Management Consultants

Germany                  Reanda AMC GmbH   Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Greece                     Artia Poreia Audit Ltd

Hong Kong               Reanda Lau & Au Yeung (HK) CPA Limited

Indonesia                 Reanda Bernardi

Italy                           Studio Rigobon Bitetti De Luca & Ass.

Japan                        Reanda MC International CPA Partners

Kazakhstan              Reanda Finaudit Kazakhstan

Macau                       Reanda EFA

Madagascar            Cabinet APEX Audit

Malaysia                   Reanda LLKG International Chartered   Accountants

Malta                         Reanda Malta Ltd.

Mauritius                  SCI Essell Associates

Nepal                         RPB & Associates, Chartered Accountants

Netherlands             Reanda Netherlands

New Zealand            Geoff Bowker Chartered Accountant

Pakistan                    Reanda Haroon Zakaria & Company

Russia                        Reanda RusAudit

                                    Scope LLC

Singapore                 Reanda Adept PAC

Taiwan                       Reanda M.Y.Wu & Co., CPAs

Turkey                       Reanda Turkey

U.A.E                          International Chartered Accountants CC

U.K.                             Reanda UK Limited

Correspondent  Firm

Angola                       BTOC – Connsultores de Gestão, Lda

Bangladesh              Pinaki & Company

Brazil                         CONFIDOR - CNF Assessorias e Perícias

Cape Verde             BTOC Sociedade Unipessoal Lda.

India                          ANB Consulting Company Private Limited

Mozambique           Cascais SAC - Sociedade Unipessoal

Poland                      Grupa Gumulka – Audyt Sp. z o.o.

Portugal                   Cascais, Pêga Magro & Roque, SROC Lda

Romania                   Cloud Accounting Srl

São Tomé and Príncipe                 Cristal – Prestações   E Soluções Lda

Ukraine                     Reanda Ukraine

Vietnam                   ICL Advisory and   Valuation Company Limited