Our Philosophy

At Lau & Au Yeung C.P.A. Limited ("L&AY"), you will find regional specialists dedicated to serving businesses in search of professional and objective financial advice that will help realize their true potential in the tough but rewarding Asian business arena.

The dynamic business environment of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta has become increasingly complex over the decade. Both small and large enterprises seeking to penetrate this fast moving market face new regulatory requirements and aggressively accelerating competition.

Successfully investing in the region often demands re-engineering values and corporate organization in order to stay competitive. Only companies totally committed to stretching and growth will rise above their own limitations in regard to financing sources, professional management support, and risk management.

Reanda Hong Kong enhances the value of our clients by offering:

  • A professional advisory with vision beyond a simple audit or basic tax compliance work
  • An Asian business partner providing professional solutions and independent advisory for your business
  • Innovative business offices in business hub of Macao and Zhuhai, providing a full-range of comprehensive office automation services
  • A professional team with members speaking Japanese, Korean, Indian and Portuguese languages
  • A professional team of a hundred people serving clients with a full spectrum of professional services and access to more than 3,000 people in over 30 territories across the Reanda
  • International network, we can support our clients’ needs on a regional or international level.
  • Strong relationship with firms from the finance sector including commercial banks and investment banks coupled with in-depth experience with corporate lawyers and sponsors. Ensuring that we understand and anticipate our clients needs, and then to implement vertical solutions.