Reanda Hong Kong names three new partners in 2019

Reanda Hong Kong is pleased to announce the promotion of three new partners to the firm, effective 1 January 2019. These individuals bring years of collective professional experience and expertise gathered from delivering a wide range of international projects across different industries. The new partners are: May Ko, Janet Chik and Nelson Tsang.

Reanda Hong Kong believes that it is vital to continue investment in people so the firm has the right level of expertise and experience in place to deliver value to clients in the ever-changing landscape. The promotions definitely highlight the depth and breadth of talent the firm has as well as reflect the firm’s continued investment in people.

Introducing Reanda Hong Kong's new partners – next generation of partners to bolster the firm’s practice

May Ko has over 20 years' experience in auditing, finance and administration with specialism in auditing and taxation. May is experienced in tax planning and auditing for companies in Hong Kong. She is the firm’s Ethics Leader who is responsible for reviewing and implementing of the firm’s quality assurance policy on ethics. In addition to her professional work for clients, she also provides training on accounting and auditing. May has worked in Reanda Hong Kong for 23 years, having joined the firm as an audit junior in 1996.

Janet Chik’s  audit career spans over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in overseeing audits of pre-listing and listed companies as well as medium to large private entities. She has a wide portfolio of clients, including many regulated corporations as well as manufacturing, trading and construction companies. Janet has been with Reanda Hong Kong since 1997.

Nelson Tsang has over 15 years of experience in accounting, auditing, taxation and capital market in Hong Kong. He started his career in an international accounting firm and acquired vast experience in handling the audit of listed companies, MNCs, due diligence, M&A and IPO projects over a wide range of industries. He then worked in a listed company as an internal audit manager and as an equity analyst in an investment firm. His diverse background gives him thoughtful insights in helping clients of different countries and industries with practical and comprehensive advices.

These new partners will bring Reanda Hong Kong’s total number of partners to eight as of January 2019

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