The European regional meeting of Reanda International was successfully concluded on 31 July 2020

The meeting, as co-hosted by our European regional president Mr. Charilaos Hadjiioannou and our Reanda International director Mr. Robert Bean, aims to facilitate mutual collaboration and strengthen the exchanges amongst network firms. During the opening speech, Mr. Huang Jinhui, Chairman of Reanda International indicated the strong momentum of referral cases in Europe as well as the key factors of successful business referrals including highly active participation by partners of network firms involved, putting client services first before profits as well as mutual trust and understanding between network firms. The Chairman also elaborated the four strategies of the Beijing headquarters in supporting the development of the European region in the post pandemic period including arranging visits to the Chinese enterprises in Europe, approaching the Chinese headquarters of Reanda China clients who have subsidiaries in Europe for business pitching, organising webinar for Chinese enterprises in Europe as well as enhancing the communication with the European members. Mr. Franklin Lau, CEO of Reanda International spoke about the network’s progress of seeking Forum of Firms full membership, global monitoring review, launch of the transnational clients database, recruitment plan of new members in the 2nd half of 2020 as well as the arrangement of the annual conference later this year.

Amongst the various agenda items, the European regional president Mr. Charilaos Hadjiioannou and Mr. Robert Bean, director of Reanda International and managing partner of Reanda UK proposed the ideas of establishment of the European Regional Committee. The main purposes of the Committee are to coordinate the European region, organise the annual regional meeting and other meetings as well as to assist in recruiting new network firms from the region. This was followed by the introduction of the audit software developed by Reanda Turkey partners.

In addition to the above matters, the members also had heated discussion over potential cooperating opportunities amongst European network firms and the impacts of Covid-19 on business operation of their respective network firms.

This virtual meeting was a resounding success while all attending members exchanged valuable insights on network’s future development in order to cater for the buoyant demand of Reanda’s clients as well as to understand the development of each network firm and their response plans to overcome difficulties in this challenging times.

Presently there are 15 network firms from Cyprus, Germany, Russia, UK, Malta, Portugal, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Greece in the Europe region. In addition to the Europe region, presently there are two regions established including the Asia & Oceania region and the Southeast Asia & South Asia region.

Following to the European regional meeting, there would be two regional meetings to be held through video conference in early August 2020 for the members in the respective regions:-

  1. South East Asia & South Asia regional meeting:Thursday, 6 August 2020, 3pm Hong Kong time
  2. Asia & Oceania regional meeting: Thursday, 13 August 2020, 12:30pm Hong Kong time
  3. Meeting for other regions: A virtual meeting will be arranged for members outside the Asia & Oceania, South East Asia & South Asia and the Europe regions, to be hosted by the CEO Mr. Franklin Lau. Details will be announced to members in due course.


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